MM house


New Home//: New 3 story home

Located in the hills of Vaucluse, with uninterrupted views of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera house, this new home demands a design shaped by the existing site conditions.

With a slightly sloping site our design for the home allows maximum view corridors and continuous lines of vision through the site.We maintain a sense of solidarity through the entry blade wall, constructed with stone from the quarries of Val’s in Italy. Contrary to this Hard line, is a cantilevered first floor that hangs its self over the blade wall, with integrated timber bi-fold screening allowing for privacy from the street.

The bedroom zones are pierced by full height voids running through to the master bedroom which overlooks Sydney Harbour.

The living areas act as antithesis to the bold materials of the entry. A 6m high glazed wall emphasises our clients ambitious proposal for maximised views over the Harbour. With a 14m span of open space and double height voids, vertical and horizontal communication between floors now becomes apparent as you progress through the home.


 Lisa Tackenberg, Christian Campoy, Sebastian Kaintoch