KA design studio  was founded in 2013 with a focus on Design, timeless aesthetic and honest materials which reign in this young design studio in Bondi Beach.

Drawing inspirations from the Modernist movement and Bauhaus, adherence to pure materials, experience of space and light is preeminent in our field of design ideas.

KA Design studio has a holistic approach to their work. From the onset Sebastian Kaintoch and Christian Campoy immerse themselves in all phases of the  project. Ranging from project realisation, Feasibility, Design, documentation and Construction administration. Combined with Interior Designer Lisa Tackenberg’s insight into customised interior design and decoration, all spectrums of the architectural process are comprehensively aligned to maintain the vision we instil into our designs.

In the centre of our approach is the guidance of our clients through the demanding building process to arrive at a coherent architectural language that represents both us and them.