1/64-66 Hall Street, Bondi Beach

2022-2023 Completed


We had the pleasure of bringing to life a new gallery and retail space for ‘Aquabumps’ in collaboration with the founder and renowned local Photographer Eugene Tan. Eugene’s

Clear vision and ability to drive the project toward a clear goal was the nucleus of generating a successful mixed used space.  With ‘Uge’s’ foresight and involvement we were able work together to create a space that not only showcases Aquabumps’ coastal photography but celebrates a body of work spanning two decades in the making. 

Every element of Aquabumps Gallery has been carefully curated to enhance the viewing experience. Clean lines and a minimalistic aesthetic form the foundation of the architectural concept, allowing Aquabumps’ captivating artwork to take centre stage. Natural light floods the gallery, illuminating the space and illuminating the vibrant colours and textures of the ocean captured in each photograph.  There is meticulous discipline of the material selection to create a transparent architectural container which we feel further connects visitors to the coastal environment, creating a sensory journey that harmonies with the artwork.

The layout of Aquabumps Gallery is a testament to the thoughtful spatial arrangement within the narrow existing footprint . The island like display units create a rhythm to how one should move through the open gallery space and provide a crafted viewing experience. 

We designed flexible exhibition areas that adapt to various art forms, enabling a dynamic and ever-changing presentation of Aquabumps’ portfolio. Intimate settings for contemplation are interspersed with open spaces that foster a sense of connection and exploration. With every step, visitors are invited to engage with the artwork from different angles, forging a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the ocean and the art it inspires.

Aquabumps Gallery stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between architecture and art. It transcends the traditional gallery experience, captivating visitors with its innovative design, abundant natural light, and seamless integration of materials. Step into our architectural masterpiece and immerse yourself in a realm where the boundaries between art, architecture, and the ocean dissolve, leaving you with a profound sense of awe and a renewed appreciation for the power of design.

KA Project Team

Sebastian Kaintoch, Christian Campoy, Nick Obbelode