KA Design Studio was commissioned to style and furnish this beautiful living space. 

Australian iron-bark flooring and off-form concrete define this lower platform living room as it connects to the rest of the home through a series of staggered levels. The centre table arrangement employs this idea, as an overlapping cluster that can be re-arranged to allow for a alternative compositions. The materiality of the individual pieces create a balance between the raw architectural surrounds and the soft furnishings. The layering of soft and refined leather and textiles against the more robust and solid materials, give the space a dynamic character and warmth. While there is direct influence from the architecture translating to the material selection of the furnishings , it is the accents of colour are dispersed like bokeh that also reference Phillip Barlow’s artwork placed above the sofa. 

The interior styling acknowledges the tones of both the artwork and the architecture and informs the sections of materials and composition of furnishings within the space. 

KA Project Team

 Lisa Tackenberg, Sebastian Kaintoch

images by nickmay.com.au