Bondi Beach,  Australia 

2022 – in progress 

LAM house is an existing two story dwelling presenting  as a Manor style housing stock common to the the local context. Our clients want to maintain the existing charm and sentiment of the home in keeping with its surrounding context. They also wanted to create a practical plan that reflects a more sophisticated adaption to modern life.
Our approach is to create a new transition to the house both front and back linking outdoor spaces to the podium levels at the rear and entry at the front. The existing arrangement of the house serviced a multi dwelling arrangement splitting the floors into seperate tenancies. The new plan will consolidate the stories once again and create the ideal family home for our clients.
Re imaging the plan together with a full fit out of new finishes and interiors allows the existing building to perform as a modern dwelling fit for the coastal lifestyle at Bondi Beach.

KA Project Team

Christian Campoy, Xiangyu Lu,

Lars Goldstein, Sebastian Kaintoch