PIXEL house


NEW HOME: // Under Construction


From the initial sketch stage through to material realisation, this project offers a rationalised material selection that forms the mould for a staggered play between solid and void, opaque and transparent.

Located on the eastern coast of NSW with panoramic views on the ocean on one side and street frontage on the other we have two defining site conditions that will characterise this house.

The street side presents an undulating play of materials established by a recognition of internal formal spaces. Entries become cut outs in the building and screens allow a lower level of permeability for the areas of privacy in the home.

On the ocean front, the house simplifies into expressed slabs and glass accentuating views toward the ocean.

Collaborating with an artist on the project we intend to further this play of material between the common theme of Art & build form. The use of a artist work as the screening system and as sculpture is the inherent double front this house will display to the street below.

KA Project Team

 Sebastian Kaintoch, Christian Campoy