Under Construction

Site Area:   668.9m2
Frontage:   15.240m


 Victoria Duplex boasts water views and a difficult slopping and narrowing site.

The plan is arranged in a series of stepped spaces that define the program but also help deal with the slopping to the rear of the site. 

The split levels capitalise on the views towards the water and make the space feel open as the ceiling heights are exaggerated as you move down the site. 

Like our other duplexes the use of robust material with proximity to water front conditions is necessary and beneficial to the occupants and maintenance is reduced significantly. The use of Brick is expressed through a strong linking curve between the two frontages broken by a brise Soleil as the brick extends to the outdoor terrace spaces. This curved link is a playful marrying of the duplex frontage that is an antithesis to our earlier projects that define the sides strongly. 

Due to the constraints of the site the architectural resolution moved towards a duplex that is able to be unique in its standing but still share a ‘common wall’ of connection to its neighbouring counterpart. 

KA Project Team

Christian Campoy, Sebastian Kaintoch, Xiangyu Lu