WRIGHTS duplex




Site Area:695.6m2                                                 
Frontage: 15.240m


This new duplex development has been carefully crafted under the Complying development pathway. The Low-Rise Housing Diversity Code in New South Wales, gives us the ability to fast track the approval process and get on site quickly.

Using this pathway we were able to develop two, 5 Bedroom, 3 bathroom homes with basement and garages for our client.

The Side by side duplex arrangement is usually defined by an elongated plan and limitation of natural light deep into the plan. To solve this we seperate the first floor from the ground , creating a horizontal glazing datum. Working with large punctures through the centre of the plan , skylights and double voids the spaces feel open and saturated with light.

An emphasis on robust materials with hard lines is made to feel weightless as they home floated above itself and the street.

We see no limitation to produce overly spacious living arrangements and the benefits of complying development pathways can be seen in the resolved architectural design at Wrights Duplex.

KA Project Team

Christian Campoy, Sebastian Kaintoch, Xiangyu Lu


Holly Irvine


Katherine Lu





RUSS duplex



Under Construction

Site Area:695.5m2
Frontage: 15.240m



Due to the success of our Wrights duplex with our client we opted to create a series like approach to streamline the development process even further.

Again using the Complying development pathway and the Low-Rise Housing Diversity Code in New South Wales, this new site shares all the similar characteristics of our previous duplex. 

We took the design at Wrights and tweak it slightly to suit the contours on site and still achieve a similar resolution in plan and form.

The use of similar design details and finishes means our client and builder can implement and procure the project efficiently and run parallel sites with ease. 

KA Project Team

Christian Campoy, Sebastian Kaintoch, Xiangyu Lu





Under Construction

Site Area:   668.9m2
Frontage:   15.240m


 Victoria Duplex boasts water views and a difficult slopping and narrowing site.

The plan is arranged in a series of stepped spaces that define the program but also help deal with the slopping to the rear of the site. 

The split levels capitalise on the views towards the water and make the space feel open as the ceiling heights are exaggerated as you move down the site. 

Like our other duplexes the use of robust material with proximity to water front conditions is necessary and beneficial to the occupants and maintenance is reduced significantly. The use of Brick is expressed through a strong linking curve between the two frontages broken by a brise Soleil as the brick extends to the outdoor terrace spaces. This curved link is a playful marrying of the duplex frontage that is an antithesis to our earlier projects that define the sides strongly. 

Due to the constraints of the site the architectural resolution moved towards a duplex that is able to be unique in its standing but still share a ‘common wall’ of connection to its neighbouring counterpart. 

KA Project Team

Christian Campoy, Sebastian Kaintoch, Xiangyu Lu





908-910 Anzac Parade – Maroubra



Our new 16 apartments on a long narrow site in the eastern suburbs draws from the existing Deco inspired shopfront.
The classic softened corner of the old shop is reimagined and maintained,
as is the use of face brick throughout the design, anchoring the project to its historic and present context.

KA Project Team

Christian Campoy, Lars Goldstein, Sebastian Kaintoch



Located within the heart of Leichhardt, this development served to re-zone an existing heritage listed pub to allow for a multi-level student accommodation complex. As part of the new modern design, it was absolutely essential to maintain the integrity of the heritage site.





Kaintoch Design Studio and Larcombe + Solomon Architects have joined forces to design 8 apartments in Rose Bay.The Development Application was recently submitted to Woollahra Council.

With north facing aspects and a busy main road we attempt to mediate natural light and noise by enclosing balcony spaces with a full height operable bi-fold screening system. This allows for enough light to penetrate into the apartments while providing privacy from the main road when closed.




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